You can move players around to your liking by using the Trade function. In this example we feel the Marines have too many pitchers (37) and want to move one of their players to the Dragons (33 pitchers) to balance things out. 

Left to right:

- Starting pitchers (1-6) & Setup Man (1)

- Middle Releivers (4) & Closer (1)

- Minor League Roster

Here I select #6 starter Taneichi Atsuki


Atsuki is now shown in the top slot and ready to trade to another team. He can also be placed in the FREE box temporarily if you want to move players later, or he can also be traded for a player in the FREE box.


Now click the Dragons team icon to bring up their roster...


Now you have a choice of either making a 1 for 1 trade or dumping a player in this roster.


If it's a 1 for 1 trade just select any player and the trade will be complete. However, what we want to do is balance the teams so Atsuki will be "gifted" to the Dragons. 


To dump a player just select any open slot (purple bar) - if possible in the location of his role as starting pitcher.  

When done make sure you go into 'Modify Lineups' to ensure he will be used correctly


Here is a player sitting in the FREE box that I bought in the VIP Shop for 20,000. It is Shinji Sasaoka who is the Carps manager and former player. 


He was a 6x NPB All-Star who played for the Carp from 1990-2007 with a 3.58 ERA and 138 wins. If you trade him to a team he can be used in Pennant, but keep in mind at 51 years old his skills will rapidly decline and may frequently show up in bad condition or injured. 

After making trades go into User Settings and select 'Save Data'