Here you set your starting lineups which will be used in match & pennant games. It will also be used when simming games. 

Top 3 buttons: OK, Auto Generate & Reset

Left side: 5 Starting Pitchers and 1 Setup Man

Middle: 5 Middle Relievers and 1 Closer

Right: Minor League Roster

If you click square button you can see more details. This image shows each pitchers role compatibility (circle, arrow or dash)


Double Circle = Perfectly Compatible

Single Circle = Good Compatibility

Arrow = OK compatibility

Dash = Not Compatible 

Clicking Square again displays each players SIM options. Basically, these are instructions for how you want the CPU to use your players if you choose to SIM games. 


Starting Pitcher #1 is set to "Go for complete game"


The Closer is set to only pitch in the 9th inning.


You can adjust these settings by clicking the 'Option' button on the PS4 controller, and full translations are shown below. 

FYI: Any injured player must heal in the minor leagues (they will have a number displayed on their condition face.) 

And here is the offensive lineup screen (with DH). 

On left is your starting lineup with #7 (purple) being the DH. In the middle is your bench and on right is Minor League roster. Note on the bench there are two designated pinch hitters, and their role text states "Use as pinch hitters." 

Bottom Right displays team power ratings for RH batters, LH batters and Defense. If you click the 'Auto Generate' button the lineup changes will most likely give you more power but sacrifice defense.  


1. Leave it up to CPU

2. Go for complete game

3. Depends on condition (happy face)

4. Pitch until no stamina

5. Conserve some stamina

6. Pitch until qualified for win


1. Leave it up to CPU

2. Use when Leading

3. Use in close games


4. Use even when team is losing

5. Use when losing big

6. One batter only (LH specialist etc)



The only choice is "Use in setup situation"


1. Leave it up to CPU

2. Use in 9th inning only

3. May come in even during the 8th inning


1. Leave it up to CPU

2. Sub for him mid-way

3. Play entire game


1. Leave it up to CPU

2. Use as pinch hitter

3. Use as Pinch Runner

4. Use as Defensive Substitution

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