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Cheer songs can be purchased from the PSN (Japan) Store. They can be activated at certain points in the game by following this guide.

Options Left to Right:

1. Batting

2. Batting with chance 

3. Team


First we need to purchase a cheer song. Make sure you are online then go to 'VIP Shop' and click DLC Items. 

Here I found a Baystars fight song and will purchase it in PSN. 


The price is 200 Yen which currently = $1.90 USD.  Just click to confirm purchase and it will be added to your downloads.


You may need to exit & re-start the game for it to be installed. To confirm that it's in your game just look in VIP Shop and you'll see if it's been added. 



In Batting you assign a cheer song to individual batters when the come to the plate. When you click to add song there are 3 options:

1. Choose from your created songs

2. Choose from purchased songs

3. Choose from downloaded Braban?

We will most likely only be working with option 2 in this game, and you can see the fight song is now added to player 1



This is good especially if you have multiple songs, set conditions for 3 chances.


Bottom left options:

1. Home/Visitor (default = All On)

2. Stadium (default - All On)

3. Inning (begin, mid, end, after last inning)

4. Status...(Custom):

  • HR Chance

  • Tie Chance

  • Opportunity for score reversal

  • Opportunity to win

  • First to score chance

  • Chance of additional points

  • Chance to make score close



Spawn/First meet?..........Before Game

Home Run...................When team scores

After an Out.....................Win Game