This option helps you aim your swing while you are watching the ball - concentrating on pitch speed and movement (see image below.) It also reveals pitch quality and how good or poor the release point was. The Batting Point will appear large, medium or small depending on the individual pitch ratings and timing of release. Basically, this replicates real life batters who see poor pitches to crush or excellent pitches to lay off. 

For example if a pitcher has an 'A' rated fastball and his release during the pitch is perfect then the ball will appear very small to the batter, thus it will be more difficult to hit. Likewise, a pitchers 'G' rated curveball is thrown very late (or early) the ball will appear as large as a softball to the batter and will be easy to hit. Also, It is possible to have a highly rated pitch but still have the ball appear large if the timing is way off. Likewise a poorly rated pitch can appear smaller with perfect timing.

In addition, one of the most important uses for it is to see the spin and rotation of the ball. Once you get used to it you will start to see them "unconsciously" making you an even better hitter and the batting interface even more life-like. The spin on a fastball will be fast while a knuckleball will have no spin. Also, the way the ball rotates is authentic so just by looking at the Batting Point you can fairly accurately read the speed, pitch type and location of the ball. 

The 'Batting Point' options are as follows...

  • Normal: If you are still new to the game, I think you should absolutely stick with "Normal." The batting point 
    will look exactly how you'd expect pitches to act: for example, fastballs will appear straight, forkballs will drop down, sliders will break to the side. 

  • Real: If you want a really tough challenge, try "Real" Batting Point. The game will now take into the account the angle of the pitch release and the batting point will track the trajectory of the ball once it is released, so you will see an overhead fastball start at the top and then drop down; if a submariner throws a fastball, you will see the ball cursor start down and then rise up. All of a sudden every ball cursor will appear to have movement and makes it much harder for the player to aim. A written explanation may not be able to convey the change so give it a try and see for yourself!

  • Off: No Batting Point, the ball will appear normal size (it will not change size depending on pitch rating or release.) It is up to you to determine speed, movement and aiming. This is your classic mode which replicates other baseball games such as 'The Show's' pitcher/batter interface.

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