You will gain a lot of additional useful points from these training options. For instance, the player I put in the" Future Starting Catcher" slot has already moved up 1 point in his Catcher Lead rating shortly after starting the season.

Top 3 slots: Choose Future Starting Pitcher Rotation Candidates. Stamina UP

Bottom 2 slots: Choose Future Reliever Candidates. Ball Speed & fatigue recovery UP


  1. Future Top Batter candidate (contact & running ability up)

  2. Future Power Hitter Candidate (power up)

  3. Future Starting Catcher candidate (arm & catcher lead rating up)

  4. Future Starting Player Candidate (basic skills up)

  5. Future Starting Player Candidate (basic skills up)

On right shows players age, years as a pro and if they can grow (greyed out cannot). When you scroll through players arrows will display which shows what area they can grow. Click 'options' button on controller to sort.


  1. Defense Special Candidate (overall defense up)

  2. Running Specialist Candidate (running ability up)

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