Pennant Settings.jpg


Several new options have been added in 2019. A few need clarification from Muka, but if you're not sure it's usually a good bet to leave them at default. 

First tab:


1. Injuries: Normal, Many, Few, None

2. Fatigue: Normal, Many, Few, None

3. Catcher Lead Rating Effect: Normal, Large, Small

4. Rain-Outs: On, Off

5. Rainy Weather: On, Off


Second tab:


1. Trades: On, Off, CPU teams won't trade with each other

2. Trade Difficulty: Medium, Easy

3. New Foreigners: On, Off, CPU teams won't get new foreigners

4. Free agents negotiation: On, Off, CPU won't pursue free agents (Setup negotiations with off-season FA declaration players. Cannot be changed during the off season.)

5. Number of Free Agents: Medium, Many, Few (Set the # of players to declare FA during the off-season)

6. Overseas FA transfer: Yes or No (Set whether or not to transfer overseas with the FA declaration during the off-season.)

7. Overseas transfer players return to Japan: Yes or No (Set whether or not there is an event that an actual overseas transfer player obtained in the VIP Shop may return to the NPB league in the off-season.)

8. Free contract player negotiation: Yes or No (setup negotiations with off-season free contract players. Cannot be changed in off-season.)

Third tab:


1. Draft: On, Off, CPU teams won't draft new players

2. Draft Excavation/Investigation: On or Off

3. Auto-Switching from excavation to Investigation: On( when candidate is available), or Off (but if no candidates found it will auto-switch to investigation.)

4. Draft Method (A & B need clarification): 

  • Method A: First round is "bidding" lottery system. Thereafter Even numbered rounds start from lowest teams, odd numbered start from higher teams. 

  • Method B: First round is "tender" lottery system. Thereafter teams start in order from the lower team. 

  • No lottery: start with lowest team.

5. Created Players Entering Draft: On, Off, CPU won't draft created players

6. Start Speed of fast matches: Stopped, Slow, Standard, Fast, Highest, Same speed as the end of previous game.


Fourth tab:


1. Growth/Decline: On, Off

2. Inter-League games: Central League will set whether or not to use DH in their next hosted game: Yes or No

3. Inter-League games: Pacific League league will set whether or not to use DH in their next hosted game: Yes or No

4. Coaching Changes: On, Off, CPU teams won't change coaching staff

5. Uniform Selection prior to games: On / Off

6. Baseball Hall-of-Fame statue: My teams retired players only, All teams players