There are 7 coaches listed which consist of Head Coach, Batting, Defense/Running and Pitching. You can change your staff in the off-season and the more you spend the better your coaches (and players will be.)


On the top is the head coach. From left to right:

  • Name Plate

  • Text reading "Head Coach"

  • 50 Years old

  • 5 Years Experience

  • 7500 Yen Annual Salary

Next line show the coaches special skill. In this case it reads "Rookie development". He can pass this on to a player under the Training menu. 

Coach #2 is a Pitching coach

Coach #3 is a Batting coach


You will see two letter grades under their name:


Teaching Ability: The higher the letter, the faster your players will grow.


Analyzing Ability: The higher grade you have, the easier it will be for coach to see what type of player (late bloomer, early bloomer, etc) a player is.


Personally I would say teaching is much more important than analyzing.

To the right of the grades you will see a box stating his specialized field (for example for a hitting coach it's either Contact Type or Power Type)

Since there are so many coaches it's impossible to translate all of them, so let "Google Translate" help you here.


Also, if you don't know what a special skill is you might find it on our pages devoted to player special skills.