Two big buttons: Search and 'View List'

Here you can request a detailed analysis of players you're interested in that will be included in the next draft.


Draft Scouts with a good “Discovery” rating reduce search time and can view more players. My scout is rated "C" so he can view 25 initially and 50 max. A search takes 2-5 days depending on your scouts rating. 


A scouts "Investigation" ability will determine how accurate the players ability & future prospect is. If this rating is low even a 100% completed survey will not be accurate. Investigations take 3-4 days for a 50% completion or 5-8 days for 100%.


Open the survey to view the detailed player analysis. You can choose to view a partially (50%) completed survey but it will be less accurate than 100%. 

In the first box select a location to search and position in the 2nd box. The options in the boxes below it will change so follow the guide below. 

Location translations and trends by region: 

1. Any

2. Hokkaido & Tokudo: High Fatigue Recovery

3. Kanto: High Pitcher Ability

4. Hokushin-etsu/Tokai: Many Special Abilities

5. Kinki: High Batting Ability

6. China & Shikoku: Good Defensive Players

7. Kyushu/Okinawa: Many Special Abilities

1. Location (choose from a list of places in Japan. See translations above)
2. Position - Any, Pitcher, Hitter, Catcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Infielder, Outfielder


3. Hitting: Any, Right-handed, Left-handed, Switch
4. Characteristics: Any, Good Power, Good Contact, Good Speed, Good Arm, Good Defense,
5. (blank)
6. Age: Any, High School, College, Adult

3. Pitching Hand: Any, Right, Left
4. Characteristics: Any, Good Fastball, Good Breaking Balls, Good Control, Good Stamina, Have a Signature Pitch
5. Role: Any, Starter, Reliever/Closer
6. Age: Any, High School, College, Adult


You can see a list of players your scout discovered along with a large pool of other generic draftees.


If you click on a name, you can choose to investigate this player further to get a better read on his attributes.

Shape Strength (what you can see depends on your scouts Investigation ability:

1. Double Circle (very high)

2. Circle

3. Arrow

4. Arrow~Circle 

5. None

Left side: 


- Name 

- High school (pink), College (orange) or Adult (blue)

- Readiness to contribute immediately 

- Potential 

Middle area:

Team Funds: 10 billion yen

Contract money: 10,000 yen

Annual Salary: 10,000 yen

- % investigation completed 
- Birthplace
- HS/College or Adult
- Age 
- Ability type

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