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Translation guide to the Pro Yakyuu Series

The purpose of this site is to help English speakers play one of the best baseball games ever made - Pro Yakyuu Spirits Baseball! The game is programmed to display mostly Japanese text and Kanji characters, but no worries you can learn to play the game quickly by following the instructions here. Not only do we offer translations, but you'll also find tips, advice and tutorials to get you up to speed. This website covers the current version (PYS 2019) but much of the information also applies to older versions. 


This is a BIG game with lots modes, settings and things to do. Translating every word would be an impossible task. The main goal here is to show you how to understand basic exhibition play, manager mode, Field Play and season.

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If you need help or want to discuss the game please join our Discord server (a very popular chat/forum app that caters to gamers). Simply download the app then copy this invite link: https://discord.gg/prj56as

Finally, google "How to join a Discord server" and choose MAC/PC/Android then follow Discords instructions.

How to support this site

SpiritsTranslation.com covers all the basics for free - user settings, player attribute info, exhibition & field play. New in 2019 we are asking for $10 fee to view the whole site which includes the more advanced Dream, Pennant (season) and Manager Mode. This helps us cover costs associated with server & domain fees. Creating this site takes a lot of time and effort, and you can also

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Finally, if you order the game (or anything else) from Play Asia link below it will give us a small commission from each sale. 

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