Postseason : Draft & Free Agency 2013 update

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Postseason : Draft & Free Agency 2013 update

Postby Vernon » Tue May 22, 2012 12:10 am

This thread is for all draft & FA questions and discussion. Here are the links to the pages... ... gency.html
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Re: Postseason: Draft & Free Agency Discussion

Postby Muka » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:33 pm

The 2013 postseason is by and large the same as the one you see in 2012 (above links). There are a few minor differences:

- After the Japan Series is finished, you should save immediately. After you click Proceed to off-season, there is no longer a specific Release Players screen. You can just release players any time during the draft, free agent negotiation, etc.

- Before you enter the draft, if you chose "On" for "Created Players Entering Draft", then you will see a list of all your created players with a check next to their names. Un-check them if you do not want them to enter the draft.

- After 10 turns of free agent negotation, which works the same way as 2012, you will get the new Spring Training screen. Basically it's the same thing as the regular training menu (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=710) but now there is one additional menu exclusive to Spring Training:

For pitchers, the special camp menu is (usually only #1 or #2 is available):

1. Get Original Pitch (rename an existing pitch to a fancy name)
2. Reset original pitch back to regular name
3. Convert to catcher
4. Convert to 1B
5. Convert to 2B
6. Convert to 3B
7. Convert to SS
8. Convert to LF
9. Convert to CF
10. Convert to RF
11. Become Switch Hitter
12. Convert from Switch Hitter to Batt Right only

Spring Training Menu for hitters:

1. Convert to catcher
2. Convert to 1B
3. Convert to 2B
4. Convert to 3B
5. Convert to SS
6. Convert to LF
7. Convert to CF
8. Convert to RF
9. Become Switch Hitter
10. Convert from Switch Hitter to Batt Right only

I have checked all hitters, left or right handed or switch only, and it seems like there is no option to convert from switch to left, only switch to bat right only. weird.
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