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2010 TRANSLATIONS ARE NOW ARCHIVED AT SpiritsTranslation2010.com

The purpose of this site is to help English speakers play one of the best baseball games ever made - Pro Yakyuu Spirits Baseball! The game is programmed to display mostly Japanese text and Kanji characters, but no worries you can learn to play the game quickly by following the instructions here. Not only do we offer translations, but you'll also find tips, advice and tutorials to get you up to speed. This website covers the current version (PYS 2014) but most of the information also applies to 2013, 2012, 2011. We started this website with the 2010 version and those translation pages are archived here.

This is a BIG game with lots modes, settings and things to do. Translating every word would be an impossible task. The main goal here is to show you how to understand each mode of play and I think we accomplished that with flying colors. Anyone can now play this game, the barriers of entry are officially gone!

What makes this game so special?

Our main translator "Muka" wrote up a nice PS3 mini-review (2010 version) where he describes why this is the greatest baseball series available because of the true bat/ball physics, excellent defensive gameplay, ratings that matter etc. Please give it a read and also I wrote a PSP review which is also a great game. And with the release of the Playstation Vita it's really awesome to play PYS on the road, you can't beat it!

If you aren't familiar with the game here are links to several videos of the game which are worth a look...

PS3 Gameplay PS3 Gameplay 2 PS3 Gamplay 2 PS3 Homerun Derby
PSP Version Trailer Vita Gameplay Konami's 2013 website  

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If you need help or want to discuss the game please join our discussion forum. We started this site because we had to scour various web pages to piece together info. This was frustrating and we wondered why there wasn't ONE place that had everything? Whether you want to contribute to help make this site better, or are a beginner who's stuck and needs information then please join our community. Also, Operation Sports has an active community and they are the best place to get news about upcoming games. Their PYS forum can be found at the "baseball/other forumhere.

Where do I buy the game?

We recommend Play-Asia because they give us a small commission from each sale which helps us pay the bills associated with running this site. They offer good service and overnight shipping to the US so if you don't plan on donating to this site then please consider ordering from them. You can support us by clicking the "Buy it Here to Support this site" button at the top left of any page. If you want to order the digital version you can also buy Digital Yen cards from Play-Asia, they will send you an e-mail immediately after payment is made with codes needed to download the game.

This game is becoming very popular so it's recommended you pre-order in advance if you want it shipped on release day. In the past people have had to wait a couple weeks after release because every dealer was sold out. Be sure to check our forum if you have any other questions.

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Websites make money by selling a product or through advertising. We are doing neither and this site is not designed for profit. However, there are yearly domain fees, server fees, web design and photo editing software costs etc so any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately this game does not have screen shot capabilities (MLB The Show does) so many pictures were taken from a digital camera then straightened, color corrected and optimized for the web in Photoshop. This entailed taking and editing hundreds of photos along with back & forth communications to get meticulous translations, and finally written in HTML and uploaded to server. It took countless hours to put this difficult project together and I don't know if a project like this has ever been attempted.

We hope to keep this site fresh and updated by translating future releases. If you wish to make a donation simply click the paypal button below. We will not ask for your address during checkout. Thanks!.